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Developing Therapeutics for Neurological Disorders

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At NeuroCreis, we value healthy aging, living life to the fullest free from neurological disorders.


NeuroCreis is advancing breakthrough drug discoveries using proprietary screening technology, the first and only to utilize primary adult neural cells with age, sex, and multi-specie validation measures.


Our mission is to develop novel therapeutic strategies for neurotrauma and neurodegenerative diseases. We are focused on improving mobility and cognition, areas where no clinical treatments exist. 

Our Advantages

Innovative Screening Technology

Our proprietary screening technology is the first to account for age and sex as neurobiological variables

Novel Therapeutic Approach

We target new pathways using inventive drugs designed with neurological health, aging, and longevity in mind

Holistic Medicinal Advances

Our therapeutics aim to treat the underlying pathologies to promote a better quality of living

Our Story

Two researchers at Texas A&M, determined to promote neurological recovery in patients with age-associated neurological disorders, developed a new proprietary screening technology. This led to the development of innovative therapeutics.

Get to Know Us

At NeuroCreis, we value the importance of understanding our patients. We spend countless hours with people suffering from neurological disorders to thoroughly understand their needs. Having family with neurological disorders means we take this fight personally! Our mission is to enhance both the mental and physical wellbeing of patients to promote a more favorable lifestyle. We strive to make that possible through our inventive technology. Check out the Team tab to meet the crew!

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