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Advisory Board


Medicinal Chemist

Kevin Burgess earned his PhD from Cambridge and has more than 30 years of experience with syntheses, design, and biophysical testing of protein binding small molecules. Over the years, Kevin has significantly contributed to the field of medicinal chemistry by developing novel strategies, including Exploring Key Orientations, that facilitate the development of small molecules that perturb protein-protein interactions for the treatment of neurological disorders and metastatic cancer. One of Kevin’s Trk-targeting small molecules is currently in phase III clinical trials for treatment of dry-eye disease. Kevin is currently the Rachal Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M and Medicinal Chemist at NeuroCreis. ​


Scientific Consultant

Vance Lemmon earned his PhD at Emory where he made significant contributions to the field of retinal development and degeneration with age and has accumulated decades of experience in the field of neurotrauma. Vance served as program director of Computational Biology at the Institute for Data Science and Computing advancing the development of high throughput phenotypic screening methods to identify novel targets for enhancing regeneration by screening over 440 million compounds and genetic molecules on primary neurons. Vance is listed on the "World's Top 2% Scientists 2020“ and currently holds the Walter G. Ross Distinguished Chair as Professor in Developmental Neuroscience at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, University of Miami. Vance is a co-founder of Truvitech, patent holder, and recently, an NIH Blueprint Neurotherapeutics awardee to develop novel therapeutics for spinal cord injury. Vance serves as a Consultant at NeuroCreis, perfecting our screening platform.


Business Strategist

Joseph Jilka earned his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Joseph joined Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Company where he worked on the first commercial transgenic insect-resistant corn lines. Joseph served as a Licensing Manager at Texas A&M Technology Commercialization Office and as a Consultant for new biotechnology companies formed at Penn State College of Medicine. Over the years, Joseph has been a business strategist at several startups, leading the way in fund acquisition and developing growth strategies. Joseph is currently a Senior Licensing Associate at Houston Methodist Hospital specializing in therapeutics and is a Business Strategist at NeuroCreis.

Michael Fehlings_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Medical Consultant

Michael Fehlings earned his MD and PhD at University of Toronto where he currently combines an active clinical practice in complex spinal surgery with a research program aimed at developing novel therapeutic strategies for spinal cord injury leading to over 1000 publications. Michael’s research has produced numerous important findings leading to an international effort to create clinical practice guidelines for spinal cord injury and degenerative cervical myelopathy. Michael significantly contributed to the field of respiratory recovery using midcervical excitatory interneurons and neurobehavioral recovery using stem cell grafts. Michael is the recipient of the Olivecrona Award, H. Richard Winn Award, and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Michael has led numerous multi-center clinical trials, is now the Robert Campeau Family Foundation C.H. Tator Chair in Brain and Spinal Cord Research, and serves as Medical Consultant at NeuroCreis, ensuring our products are what the patients need.

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Business Strategist

Michelle Leeuwon earned her PhD from University of California, Davis making significant contributions to the field of signal transduction and transcriptional factors. Michelle went to develop manufacturing technology for enhanced peptide production, founding Swan Biotech to commercialize her technology. Michelle is a registered USPTO patent agent who provided business support to more than 10 corporations. She self-drafted and prosecuted 5 US and international patents along with 20 university license and option agreements. Michelle is currently a Program Manager at Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and is a Business Strategist at NeuroCreis.

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